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Chris & Taunia Kittler

Powerful Nutrition

3 oz. Cal Fat Chol
Bison 93 1.8g 43mg
Pork 198 18g 79mg
Turkey 125 3.0g 59mg
Beef 183 8.7g 55mg
Chicken 140 3.0g 73mg
Fish 125 3.0g 59mg

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Sweetgrass Buffalo Company

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Our buffalo in Melville, MT are grass-fed and finished. Raised in pastures and never exposed to management practices that include feedlots or feedlot finishing. Our premium buffalo meat is hormone, antibiotic, chemical, and grain free.

Buffalo meat, has a rich, beef-like taste. Being lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron and protein makes buffalo a perfect beef substitute...
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Buffalo - Raised Right to Be The Best

Buffalo Meat is Extremely Healthy!
Buffalo meat is naturally flavorful and healthy, in fact if you didn't know, you would think you were eating the most flavorful Beef steak or burger you have ever had.

It's hard to believe, but Buffalo has less fat than Turkey and even Chicken with the skin removed. Buffalo are handled very little, this enhances the quality of the buffalo meat. They spend their lives grazing on natural grasses (just as they always have). There are never Antibiotics, Steroids or Growth Hormones used in the Buffalo industry. There has never been an allergic reaction to Buffalo meat because of the natural way the animals are handled and fed. People who can not eat other red meat normally have no problem with Buffalo meat. Why not try for yourself and begin realizing the fantastic benefits of Buffalo.

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